Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Word of Mouth...Literally

I care what people think. Not in the sense where I actually care what they think about me, but more-so about what they think when it comes to purchasing stuff. People's opinions actually matter when it counts.

Like have you ever wanted to try something, or visit a restaurant but you didn't because of that twinge of doubt or fear of charting into the unknown? Like ever wonder if the nail shop down the street gives you nasty feet rashes, or if there are really roaches in the oven at the local pizza parlor? Did you ever want to try the other dry cleaners down the street to see if they could press your shirts just a tad better or ever wanted to find the best Tailor in town?


Just Yelp. Don't actually make the noise associated with yelps, just visit. 

According to ,"Yelp is the fun easy way to find, review, and talk about what's great - and not so great - in your area."

People that review on Yelp are mad honest. I trust their judgement. Before I make any major decision in life, I head on over to to see what they say about it. Their word is bond. It's golden. I don't make a move until it's yelped. It's really that serious. I hate being disappointed.

When reading yelp reviews, If most people like it, I like it. If most people aren't feeling it, I'm not feeling it. I'm a Yelping Lemming. This is word of mouth at its finest. Yelp has NEVER steered me wrong.

 I found my wonderful Nail Shop [Lotus Nail Spa in Cerritos, CA holla at Anne for your nails and Kim for your pedi] on Yelp. It's my little bit of heaven every two weeks. I wish I can bring my nail lady home with me. I wanted to ask her once, but I was afraid it would be,"$5 dolla more." Which would really be cool because those pedis and foot massages are legendary. I also found my wonderful groomer "Soggy Dog" on Yelp. This is the best groomer in the Downtown Long Beach Area. I also found the tailor that shortens my premium denim with the ORIGINAL hem on Yelp.

Right now I'm in the market for a good shoe repair place. I stomps in my stilettos...HARD. Everywhere I go is my runway so I have to stunt on these heffas from time to time. In the process of all this stunting, my heels get worn, scuffed and scratched. I need a repair man that can handle it. The shoe repair man at the Cerritos Mall said he could but he lied. I don't believe him anymore, especially after my 5", buckled down brown boots STILL looked a hot mess after I paid $15 for him to rejuvenate them. I'm yelping. Yelping is almost like Tattle Telling. So I'm telling!

All this dramatic blogging just to tell you, if you want to know if something is worth trying, just Yelp. Bakeries, Nail Salons, Tire Shops, Car Washes, Window Tinting, you name it, someone has Yelped.



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  1. I'm going to start Yelping too! I need a good shoe repair place that can work some miracles. Thanks Kimmy! Good looking out.