Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What I'm Rocking

Here are a few things I've recently (past couple months) added to my wardrobe. Some were Christmas gifts, and others were on SALE! My favorite thing LOL. My wardrobe is never complete. I'm always adding things to my wardrobe...well as much as my closet will accommodate.



I'll Be Back

The holidays make me seriously lazy. Since I'm on vacation and organizing my hubby's closet and his life, I've been a little busy. I wonder if I could get paid organizing people's closets? I kind of like it right now. Anyway I'll be back after the new year with a few updates. Until then, enjoy your New Year's and please don't drink and drive.



Sunday, December 20, 2009

If You Don't LOVE It...Leave It!

"OMG, It's only 4.99!?!!" are the words you screamed as you saw the fluorescent pink and green striped DKNY blouse on the clearance rack. How many times have you purchased something JUST because it was on sale? *raises hand* I am notorious for this. I feel like I am committing all types of fashion crimes by leaving it there for someone else to enjoy. I want to be the one to tell all my friends "Guess what? I got this for only $3!!" Neener!

I remember once this shoe store in the mall was having an unbelievable sale. They had a rack of shoes for 3 for $9.99. You read that right. No typos. Three complete, perfectly good pairs of shoes for only $9.99. That is unheard of! Most of the shoes were just OK. They weren't anything spectacular, but they were $3. So what did I do? Ask for every pair of size 7 shoes I can find for $3. LOL. Just straight ridiculous. I went home that day with 6 pairs of shoes. That day. I told all my friends about it. Of course that good of a deal must be shared with all closest girlfriends. They must partake in the discounts also.

We went back and lo and behold they had additional shoes that weren't there the day before. Pretty soon I had an additional 6 pairs of shoes on top of the 6 I had already purchased. My closet was now overflowing with 12 new pairs of shoes. For what though? Because they were cute? Because I had ensembles waiting for shoes to unite them with? NO! Because they were $3.

I didn't love anything about these shoes....so for the next few years, they sat in my closet, untouched and unworn. This use to happen a lot until I started to chant "If you don't love it...leave it! If you don't love it...leave it!" Say it with me ladies, "If you don't love it, leave it!"

You'll soon realize that just because something is on sale, doesn't mean it needs to be wrapped up all pretty and put into that shopping bag. Just because those Gucci shoes are $150 instead of $1000, don't make the purchase. Love it first. Love it so much you can't live without it. Like air or water.

Now don't get me wrong, I love a good deal. If something is on sale/clearance and I absolutely LOVE it, I get it. I went Christmas shopping today and almost fell for it again. I almost purchased this pink leopard print headband from Bebe because it was 50% off. I didn't love it though so I put it back. What good is something if you're never going to actually enjoy that good deal? So ladies, the next time you go and reach for the purple and peach polka dot Gucci sweater that is 85% OFF, say to yourself, "If I don't love it, leave it!"



I Would Rock That!

Check out a few looks I have put together. If I had Diddy's bank account, most these things would be in my closet. Stay tuned for ways you can get these looks a a fraction of the cost!




Saturday, December 19, 2009

Current Obsessions

I'm dramatic  passionate. Sometimes I tend to get overly dramatic passionate about some things more than others. For instance SHOES *le sigh*. As I stated in a previous post , I worship shoes. I bow down to them. I would do a freaking rain dance if it rained shoes for 40 days and 40 nights. So God won't strike me down as I type this, let me rephrase. I just freaking love shoes. I love other things besides shoes though. For starters I love God, Jesus, My family, Facebook, Starbucks, Eating etc, however not in that particular order. In between some of those things I make room for things that I obsess on. My obsessions sometimes last for a week, a month or a season. I'm a pretty random chick so these obsessions change quite often. In this section, I will discuss what my current obsession(s) is/are.


I freaking love Purple right now. My good friend "Ms. Purple Shena Boo*" and my lil sister "Laur Laur* [ *please note I give all my friends "pet names" I'm aware it is uber geigh and juvenile ] have introduced me to the royalness that is Purple. My favorite color is green, but for whatever reason, the purple and it's gravitational pull has it's hold on me. It looks good on me. It gives a nice contrast with my hazel/green eyes. It makes my eyes go "pop". I love that. I have recently managed to fill my closet with purpleness. I am even developing a "Purple Section" in my closet. I am so bad that one day I was dressed from head to toe looking like a "Sexy Purple People Eater" Anyway here are some fun things if you need to be introduced to purple, or like me it's already an obsession. Enjoy!

Super Cute! Look at the detail in the back! I need this coat in my life immediately. Only $118.98. Click Here to purchase !

These earrings are danglely fab! These will accent any purple ensemble. I am seriously getting these TOMORROW! Click here to purchase!

These are just a couple of my fav things!




Don't Be Afraid To Try....

I love Starbuck's. It's liquid crack in a cup. The additional 4 hours of sleep I should have had in a cup. My attitude adjustment in a cup. Starbuck's feels good going down. It's the ONLY way to start my day. It's what 89 Octane gas is to my lil '08 Lancer. I have my favorites of course [Sumatra, Pike Place Roast, Expresso Roast, Caramel Machiatto] but I love during the fall and winter time when they bring out their "limited edition" flavors.

Have you tried them? I can taste the Holiday in the cup. Peppermint Mocha...MMMMMmmmMM! It reminds me of Christmas Trees, Candy Canes, and shattered glass ornaments. I love it.

My favorite right now though is their new Caramel Brulee Latte. This one is extra new. I'm all over this one. I think one single tear graced my left cheek as I took my first sip. It could've been windy that day, but still, it was pure bliss. I'm cheating on my Caramel Machiatto with a Caramel Brulee Latte. The perfect love affair.

While you're out shopping this weekend for those extra gifts, or if you just need a lil morning pick me up Try a Caramel Brulee Latte...but PLEASE add an additional shot of Expresso for a lil "pick me up".



Great Gifts $30 and Under

So you're broke right? Or like my good friend Shena would say, "In-between blessings?" Well it looks like the Man upon High and the discount gods have showered down great deals upon us. With everyone working with a budget, trying to have a reasonable shopping experience, here are a few places to get GREAT gifts under $30 bucks. Even those of us on a budget can get into the spirit of giving and love it:

Bath & Body Works - This is not ONLY the best place to get some great gifts under $30, but it's the BEST place to get the gift for the woman who has everything. The bathroom is pretty much a women's sanctuary (not be confused with the "toilet" which is the man's). We go there an run hot baths to escape, take long showers, and exfoliate all of our problems away. Stop in or order online today to have that great gift just in time for Christmas.

  • 1. $10 Gift Sets - They are currently offering smaller versions of their most popular scents all gift wrapped and ready to go. A great gift for your mother-in-law, secret pal, Eternal BFF, etc.
  • 2. Candles 2 for $20  - They have numerous scents all ready to fill a room up with their wonderful aromas. These candles will be sure to set the mood.

Victoria's Secret - They have a little bit of everything not just unmentionables. They offer a wide variety of Beauty & Bath Products, Cute PJs, and Stocking Stuffers

  • 1. Here is an ENTIRE page of their website with gifts $30 an under. You're a click away from the PERFECT gift!

Forever21 - This is where deals are born. I love Forever21. Generally known for trendy sometimes throw away clothes, you can get some really cute deals here. I am BIG on their accessories. So affordable and chic, the receiver of your gift will thank you.

  • 1. Fabulous Finds - This is a section at Forever21, that offers the newest looks of the season at a fraction of the cost. Most items are generally $25 and under. Check it out!
  • 2. Gifts for $20 and Under  - Click here to unlock deals, deals, and MORE deals. Ladies even pick up a little something for your man. They even sell men's clothing here. Shhhhhh. LOL. 

This is just a start if you still haven't managed to get the perfect gift. There are only 5 shopping days left till Christmas! Happy Shopping!



Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Daily Deals

Discount Upscale Fashionistas, you will trip while stomping in your stilettos when you see this. Become on a fan on Facebook to get MORE up to the minute updates on sales!


"Shop our Huge Storewide Sale going on now!

Save 20% to 40% off storewide.

Plus, get an extra 20% off your total purchase when you use your NM credit card.

Stay tuned for extra deals on special days now until December 25."

http://www.cybermonday.com/ - more online deals, coupons, and promo codes.

http://www.bakersshoes.com/ - Today ONLY, save 15% OFF your entire purchase!



Word of Mouth...Literally

I care what people think. Not in the sense where I actually care what they think about me, but more-so about what they think when it comes to purchasing stuff. People's opinions actually matter when it counts.

Like have you ever wanted to try something, or visit a restaurant but you didn't because of that twinge of doubt or fear of charting into the unknown? Like ever wonder if the nail shop down the street gives you nasty feet rashes, or if there are really roaches in the oven at the local pizza parlor? Did you ever want to try the other dry cleaners down the street to see if they could press your shirts just a tad better or ever wanted to find the best Tailor in town?


Just Yelp. Don't actually make the noise associated with yelps, just visit. www.yelp.com. 

According to www.yelp.com ,"Yelp is the fun easy way to find, review, and talk about what's great - and not so great - in your area."

People that review on Yelp are mad honest. I trust their judgement. Before I make any major decision in life, I head on over to www.yelp.com to see what they say about it. Their word is bond. It's golden. I don't make a move until it's yelped. It's really that serious. I hate being disappointed.

When reading yelp reviews, If most people like it, I like it. If most people aren't feeling it, I'm not feeling it. I'm a Yelping Lemming. This is word of mouth at its finest. Yelp has NEVER steered me wrong.

 I found my wonderful Nail Shop [Lotus Nail Spa in Cerritos, CA holla at Anne for your nails and Kim for your pedi] on Yelp. It's my little bit of heaven every two weeks. I wish I can bring my nail lady home with me. I wanted to ask her once, but I was afraid it would be,"$5 dolla more." Which would really be cool because those pedis and foot massages are legendary. I also found my wonderful groomer "Soggy Dog" on Yelp. This is the best groomer in the Downtown Long Beach Area. I also found the tailor that shortens my premium denim with the ORIGINAL hem on Yelp.

Right now I'm in the market for a good shoe repair place. I stomps in my stilettos...HARD. Everywhere I go is my runway so I have to stunt on these heffas from time to time. In the process of all this stunting, my heels get worn, scuffed and scratched. I need a repair man that can handle it. The shoe repair man at the Cerritos Mall said he could but he lied. I don't believe him anymore, especially after my 5", buckled down brown boots STILL looked a hot mess after I paid $15 for him to rejuvenate them. I'm yelping. Yelping is almost like Tattle Telling. So I'm telling!

All this dramatic blogging just to tell you, if you want to know if something is worth trying, just Yelp. Bakeries, Nail Salons, Tire Shops, Car Washes, Window Tinting, you name it, someone has Yelped.



Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This Is Probably WTMI


This post probably will fall into the category of things that just probably shouldn't be openly discussed. I beg to differ. I feel this issue really needs to be addressed. Especially for all my "girlie girls".

I think we are all adults here and can seriously have a heart to heart discussion about doing #2 publicly. I hate using the ladies room in public. My inner girlie girl tells me not to. I just feel that human releasing should be done in the four walls of your home bathroom. Since we aren't designed to hold it for long periods of time, times arise when you just hafta GO.

I especially become uncomfortable when I have to go, and it involves going #2. I generally will hold it. This is probably what has brought on my IBS issues and is most likely unhealthy, however I am comfortable with holding it. Notice I said generally. There are those times however, when all the strength in the world will not allow me to hold it. Then I must do what nature has instructed, which brings me to the entire point of this post.

Have you ever went to the bathroom at your place employment or in some public establishment and it involved the #2? Did your #2 ALONE entirely disrupt the atmosphere in the ladies room? As you walk the walk of shame to wash your hands (and I hope you ALL do this), did someone come into the bathroom and IMMEDIATELY walk right out with their nose pinched? Did others come inside the bathroom and quickly rethink about checking their hair or make-up?

This is the type of thing that prohibits girlie girls like myself, from doing the #2 in public places. If you're a shameless #2 goer, this post is not for you. If you feel this is natural and it's ridiculous for me to be so embarrassed to do something that "God created" for us to do, then this post is not for you. This post is for all my ladies that are embarrassed of this natural bodily function. I don't want to be known at work as "The Poopie Queen" or the "Lady that poops all the time". People at work know you and see you and go back to their cubies and laugh at you during break. Everyone will know you need an enema or a good colonic. If this is you, then I have a solution for you.


Toilet Drops.... Toilet Drops?

There are all kinds of them. I've actually tried them, and it makes this a lot easier to deal with. I am not sure which ones work better than others, but I found a few that you can try. Process of elimination (no pun intended).

What you do is, grab your little discreet bottle of "Stink Repellant" and head the ladies room. Find your special stall. I generally like the handicap stall because it allows room. Room for what I have no idea, but it just feels better when there is more room. Drop the drops into the toilet BEFORE you take the dump. It should give off a rosy scent.. Everyone will think your ish smells like roses naturally as any girlie girl should.

Here are your three choices:

Just A Drop 

Fresh Drop  

My Bathroom Ninja


I'm looking for a few good "Daily Deals." I'm always looking for them. Do you have websites that offer great deals ? If so please send all information to my email address . I will post it here and give your first name with last name initial if you choose. Please type "Contributions" in the subject line and include your first name and last name initial. Thanks in advance!



Daily Deals

Stay tuned for a post coming soon to help you choose your next outfit for New Year's! Until then here are three wonderful deals!

http://www.macys.com/ - They are having their everday one day sale. LOL. Macy's ALWAYS has a sale. They have sales for their sales. Today is the preview sale, and the actual sale starts tomorrow. Print out the online catalog coupon to save $10 OFF your purchase of $25 or more. This is a GREAT way to save money on that last minute gift.

http://www.karmaloop.com/ - Casual fashion never looked so good! Right now they are offering 20% OFF their entire site!! (use promo code: CIDER). Also if you're making a purchase OVER $75, they are also offering FREE Shipping! But wait there is MORE, If you sign up for their email offers, they are offering $10 OFF NOW! <---- clickity click!!

http://www.barneys.com/ - Calling all my upscale fashionista's! Barney's is having a 40% Designer Sale! This is a gold mine if you were eyeing a pair of Christian Louboutin's! They might be on sale! Check it out!




Monday, December 14, 2009


I love how she styles celebs. I mean you can really tell she GETS them. I'm not really diggin her personal style most of the time, however she has fabulous taste!




Online Essentials

You saw the chick at the store with the same shirt you got from Forever21 huh? I remember once heading out to the semi-annual Charles David warehouse shoe sale this past summer, and low and behold, this chick had on the SAME argyle print button down polo from Old Navy as MOI! Such a travesty! I thought that stuff only happens to 'Lil Kim or Fergie. WOMP! LOL. That just goes to show you...great minds think alike LOL.

Seriously though, here are a few sites that will for sure have you turning heads... and not because the chick across the room has the same outfit on as you:

  • www.lulus.com - great trendy and affordable pieces to enhance your already fabulous wardrobe.
  • www.modcloth.com - this clothes are for the unique fashionista. Their dresses are FAB and unique. They offer great prices and speedy shipping
  • www.karmaloop.com - Casual Fabness. I love this site for all my weekend or casual friday wear.

There are a lot more sites I frequent, however these sites offer unique pieces to add to your wardrobe. Enjoy!



Coupons GALORE

Ok, ladies, this site is definitely NOT going to be focused on just providing you info on great deals. The fabulousness is on it's way, but a friend of mine put me on to this site, and it's by far the best discount site yet! http://www.retailmenot.com/. This is why I shop so much. It's SO hard to pass up a great deal! But please remember don't make that purchase JUST because it's on sale. I have a post coming soon about that. Until then ladies, enjoy!



Stay Tuned

Please be on the look out for the official launch of www.rockwithkimmie.com! Until then, keep it locked here!

Daily Deals

Visit www.nyandcompany.com today and get $20 OFF $60 purchase w/promo code 2583 or $50 OFF purchase w/promo code 2851. EVERYTHING on their website is also BUY ONE GET ONE 75% OFF!!! Combine these TWO deals for maxium savings! Just in time for those last minute gifts! Shopping GALORE!



Your Daily Deal!

Hurry on over to http://www.bluefly.com/ They are offering an EXTRA 15% OFF THE SITE plus FREE SHIPPING!!!



Did you KNOW.....

Did you know there are a ton of great deals online? Well apparently there are some of you that actually don't... which by the way is really sad. LOL. I get asked a lot, "what store's are having great sales Kimmie?!!?" Let me give you a few tips on how to find the best deals online. I'll give you three freebies to get you started, then you'll have to find the rest on your own ;). Oh yeah this post is lengthly. I like rambling.

1. Ok, this is seriously easy. You need an email address. If you don't have one, shame on you!!! It's your golden ticket to unlock absolute fabulousness. The trick is, get an email address dedicated to getting emails specifically for email alerts about sales. This way if spam comes your way, it won't be such a big deal.

2. What is your favorite store that you frequent? Find out if they have a email list where you can get info on great deals. You can either sign up online going to their website or by going into the store. Please beware by going into the actual store... I don't need to elaborate as to why. You know why. LOL.

3. Soon, the online offers will start rolling in. You'd be surprised at the offers only people who have signed up for email offers will receive. For some reason people are scared of spam LOL. Spam me up Scottie! I'll delete and filter through all the Penis Enlargement and Viagra emails just to get some emails about sales. LOL.

Why is this essential you ask? Well duh, let's take one of my favorite stores Bebe for instance. They ALWAYS have sales, and especially if you're a member of their Bebe club. I have no clue what the official title of this "club" is, but they make you feel all extra official. I promise one time, for Bebe Super Special Club members, they were giving an additional 65% off of their clearance merchandise in the store, if you printed out the email and brought it in the store. What is MORE thrilling that getting discounts that other chicks don't know about? Sex? Probably, but getting discounts is almost just as good.

Are you a MAC Cosmetics girl? Did you know if you sign up for email specials, you can get free shipping or other cool offers? I'm lazy. I don't like making trips to the MAC Store. Oh, and please be advised that the MAC Stores, and MAC Counters at Macy's and Nordie's DO NOT carry all the same things. This is why this is vital. LOL. I can't believe how serious I am right now. Anyway, save a trip to the MAC Store and order online when they offer FREE Shipping.

Discounts do not always mean "cheap" or "ghetto." Shoot, if you wanna play like you're Jenny J LO ballin, be my guest, but I love sales and discounts. Please be advised that GUCCI, yes GUCCI also has sales. Please do NOT be confused with the GUCCI Outlet. The actual Online Store or your local GUCCI retailer has sales. You just need to sign up for their mailing list to find out.
I got a fabulous looking post card that is suitable for wall art that told me Dec 1st 2009 started their Fall/Winter SALE! It's still going on for God knows how long, but if you're in the market for your first GUCCI item or you wanna add to your ever growing collection, please hop up on that pronto

All my shoe whores who love shoe porn raise your hands! *raises hand*. I will die for shoes. I am so passionate about them it's ridiculous. Sometimes, I just stand back in awe of my shoe collection. God is probably not pleased. It's almost like shoe worship. Anyway, ALDO Shoes and Bakers Shoes, ALWAYS have fabulous sales. I would say Bakers by FAR has the best sales EVAR! If you frequent them, I would suggest getting a "B" Card. This card you have to pay for ($25), but you get 10% off everytime you make a purchase, 20% off on your birthday AND they also have sporadic sales where you can get an additional 10%-20% off your purchases. Think about it.

One website. everything you need. www.smartbargains.com. They have designer shoes, clothes, handbags, couch covers, you name it. They have EVERYTHING but Oreo Cookies. 

So what do you think ladies? What are some of your tips on finding the hottest deals online?? Share!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

If she blogs, they will come.

Something uber fabulous this way comes. Stay Tuned!