Saturday, December 19, 2009

Current Obsessions

I'm dramatic  passionate. Sometimes I tend to get overly dramatic passionate about some things more than others. For instance SHOES *le sigh*. As I stated in a previous post , I worship shoes. I bow down to them. I would do a freaking rain dance if it rained shoes for 40 days and 40 nights. So God won't strike me down as I type this, let me rephrase. I just freaking love shoes. I love other things besides shoes though. For starters I love God, Jesus, My family, Facebook, Starbucks, Eating etc, however not in that particular order. In between some of those things I make room for things that I obsess on. My obsessions sometimes last for a week, a month or a season. I'm a pretty random chick so these obsessions change quite often. In this section, I will discuss what my current obsession(s) is/are.


I freaking love Purple right now. My good friend "Ms. Purple Shena Boo*" and my lil sister "Laur Laur* [ *please note I give all my friends "pet names" I'm aware it is uber geigh and juvenile ] have introduced me to the royalness that is Purple. My favorite color is green, but for whatever reason, the purple and it's gravitational pull has it's hold on me. It looks good on me. It gives a nice contrast with my hazel/green eyes. It makes my eyes go "pop". I love that. I have recently managed to fill my closet with purpleness. I am even developing a "Purple Section" in my closet. I am so bad that one day I was dressed from head to toe looking like a "Sexy Purple People Eater" Anyway here are some fun things if you need to be introduced to purple, or like me it's already an obsession. Enjoy!

Super Cute! Look at the detail in the back! I need this coat in my life immediately. Only $118.98. Click Here to purchase !

These earrings are danglely fab! These will accent any purple ensemble. I am seriously getting these TOMORROW! Click here to purchase!

These are just a couple of my fav things!





  1. Purple is HAUTE!!! I especially am loving purple shoes. working on a pair as we speak. Gotta love DSW!!!

  2. LOL. Purple shoes are O-MAZING. It's almost like the new black right now.