Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The It Bag!

I have no clue how long this bag has been the new "It" bag, but I want "It".
My birthday just so happens to be this Sunday [it's Pisces season], so that will justify me spending the $348 this bag asks for.
I just came back from the Bahamas, and while I was there, I saw "It". I said to myself, "Who. Makes. That. Bag?" "I want. It. NOW." I carefully stalked the lady carrying the bag, to see who makes it. At first I thought "It" was a Birkin bag, but when I realized it was a Michael Kors bag, my insides did backflips because I knew I would be able to attain it.
This morning, I went straight to the Michael Kors website, and there "It" was. The bag. The one. "It". Yes!
It comes in all kinds of fun flavors, I can't decide between Vanilla or luggage. Why this bag? Well for starters, it emulates the classic Birkin silhouette. It's classic, leather and will def stand the test of time. I think this is why it's so fab! I want it! I need it! It's my birthday present to myself! Lol! I need to pay all my bills first tho, then asses the finances. I think it's doable. I've been through so much in the last few months, I deserve it! Once I get it, I'll post pics of me rocking it. I have no clue which color I want now. The luggage one or the vanilla one. Decisions, Decisions.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Has it really been like TWO years since I blogged here?!! So much has happened in these last two years, I don't even know where to begin. The biggest thing that has happened is I started an online jewelry & accessories boutique with my mom [shop tll you drop here: www.shoplabellaluxe.com.] I turned my obsession with accessories and fashion into a thriving business. I'm no where on the Forbes list, but my business has definitely started to grow. It's been a year and I've slowly started to make a name for myself.

Other than that, everything is still the same. I love fashion and shopping, but my wallet doesn't. I have scaled back A LOT though. While I love to shop, I love to save even more. Call me frugal, call me cheap, call me a penny pincher...you have to save for a rainy day. I will still share my favorite fashion finds as well as shamelessly plug my online store. Trust me, you'd do it too if you had a business.

Anyway, I feel lightheaded because I over bleached my bathroom and I'm running behind on my newsletter for my business. I just got back from a cruise to the Bahamas, so I'm thinking about sharing some tips on what to pack and what to wear for a cruise on my next post.

So yeah, I'm back y'all!