Monday, July 5, 2010

Spa Water: A delicious way to get your daily 8

I'll be honest. I don't like water. I know it's super important to drink it daily, because let's face it, if you don't you'll DIE! LOL. I know water doesn't really taste like anything, and that's the problem. I like the things that tickle my tongue to have flavor. More importantly I want it to have great flavor. You've tried those Crystal Light packets you add to your bottled water right? Well those disrupt my digestive system for some reason. I know that was more than you care here to read, but they do. I've been searching high and low for a water alternative, with out all the weird chemicals and sugar to get my daily 8 glasses of water. 

Guess what I discovered I can drink? Spa Water!!! You ever been to the spa and they offer you a cup of water? The water is usually flavored with cucumbers, lemons, oranges, etc. It tastes delicious and it gives a hint of flavor. 

I recently went to friend's Fourth of July party and they offered Spa Water as a healthy alternative to Juice, Soda or other sugar drenched beverage. I had totally forgot about it. It quenched my thirst and it had me wanting more and more water. I'm hooked on it and I LOVE it!

I know now that I will definitely be getting in all the water I need!

You want to make your own Spa Water? click here!




Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Two Sites You Shouldn't Live Without...

Being a beauty whore and all, I MUST be connected with all things beauty related. Aside from being connected to all things that deal with beauty, I must also discuss and learn the opinions of other beauty addicts. I have found two wonderful beauty related sites that will fulfill every beauty need imaginable. You can thank me later.

  • - This site offers beauty product reviews. Before I buy or if I'm looking for new beauty products, I go here first. You can also Swap beauty products as well. Visit & Register for more information.

  • - This is the mothership of all things beauty. They offer reviews, tutorials, make-up looks. EVERYTHING. You'll find yourself spending hours here.

There are plenty other sites that offer beauty related reviews and tutorials, but these are my absolute favorites!



Monday, February 8, 2010

Single On V-Day?

Don't be ashamed to say the phrase if you're single... "Happy Valentine's Day!" or as other's who don't have a boo, man, or significant other would say, "Happy Single's Awareness Day!" This day like no other, gives you the harsh reality that you're single. It doesn't have to be harsh though. There is nothing that says Valentine's Day has to be shared solely by two people who are googly eyed for each other. You can in fact share it with a group of friends. 

There have been many occasions where I just didn't have a "Valentine" and that was ok with me. My girlfriends and I one year decided that we were just going to order pizza, watch movies, and give each other gifts on Valentine's Day... which leads me to the point of my post. Are you and your girlfriends single this Valentine's Day? If so here are a few things you can do, to still feel special and have a great time on Valentine's Day:

Gift Bag or Basket - Not just any gift, but maybe a basket, container or gift bag filled with cute little girlie things. Target has a HUGE Dollar Bin section that is filled with things you can add or accent your basket with. Get creative based on your friends' personalities.

Ladies Night - If you and more than a few of your girlfriends are single, this would be the perfect time to have a night out on the town. Rent a limo and head out to your favorite destination. You never know, there night be a group of guys with the same idea.

Blockbuster Night - Call Roundtable Pizza or Papa Johns and invite all your girlfriends over for a night of watching chick flicks. The Notebook is the ultimate chick flick LOL.

Girlie Girl Night - This is a night that includes ALL things girlie. Cupcakes with pink frosting, pedis, manis and make-up tips. This sounds like a juvenile sleep-over, but you're never too old to have a fun night with your girlfriends. 

There is nothing wrong with being single. For whatever reason, society tells us we NEED someone else to make us happy and that's just not the case. Happiness starts from within FIRST and the person that comes along that is our 'soul mate' only ENHANCES the happiness we already have. Just a little food for though. Snack on that.



Saturday, February 6, 2010

Knock It Off Girl!

The worst of ALL fashion crimes is to be caught with or purchase a 'knock off'. Crimes of fashion are taken very seriously by fashionistas and bag hoarders alike. While some of us can spot a knock off a mile a way, others are left unsuspecting of the tragedy. What exactly is a knock off? Well according to it is "an unlicensed copy of something, esp. fashion clothing, intended to be sold at a lower price than the original." So basically it's a fake item, trying to pass like the real thing. This is a big fat "Unt Uhhhhh!!" So if this is you, or you...knock it off!

I'll admit, in my younger pre-fashionista days, I didn't know any better. I gladly purchased a 'knock-off' LV (Louis Vuitton) bag in downtown Los Angeles. I thought to myself, hey it looks like the real thing, what's the big deal? Well a few weeks after having the bag, the handles started to come apart. They were glued together. Also the bag started to peel at the bottom. I am bearing my soul here people. Please do not judge me. I can't believe I committed the most heinous of all fashion crimes. I surely learned my lesson though.

Not only are you walking around looking like boo-boo the fool to all who know you're carrying a fake bag, but you are most certainly contributing to the sweat shop like factories that make these bags and you're getting terrible quality. What makes an LV bag is it's quality and craftsmanship. Also in addition to having a crappy bag, it is also ILLEGAL. So just save your money, work overtime, build a lemonade stand if you want a designer bag. Don't support people who are committing the illegal crime of copyright infringement.

I was finally able to purchase a real LV Bag. My first LV bag was a Lv Damier Canvas Speedy 35 (pictured above). I immediately felt the difference. Never again will I commit that crime of fashion.

Now we all know designer items are really expensive. Let's just face it, everyone can't and won't be able to afford anything designer. Some people dream of it while it doesn't really matter to others. If it matters to you however, I have an alternative for you. 
Designer "Inspired".

Designer Inspired means the creator of whatever bag or merchandise took elements of said designer and applied its "likeness" to the merchandise. So for example, Chanel has a quilted bag that they are known for. I seriously want one, but I just can't see myself spending over $1,000 on a bag. I just can't do it right now. I have other priorities. One day maybe, just not today. Because I need a bag more within my budget, I've just found bags with the same things I like in the Chanel Bag. You too can do the same. Just avoid the blatant knock offs.

Here is an example. Below is the coveted Chanel bag. Every serious fashionista wishes to have a Chanel bag grace her shoulder:

 Here are some Designer 'Inspired' Pieces. I actually purchased the one below from Aldo. 


So you get the idea right? You see the difference right? Knock Off bags would have the Chanel Logo on the front, while these take the quilting and the chain handles. The line is thin between the knock-off and the original, however these aren't trying to pass off like the real thing. That's where the illegal part comes in. Stores like Aldo, Bakers Shoes, Forever21, and just about any other fashion line, "borrow" or get "inspired" by the top designers like Chanel, Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana. They set the trends, however no regular person can afford those items. These are a great alternative for those of us that LOVE fashion, but just don't have Diddy's bank account. 

Also just an added tip. You know those web banners or ads you see when visiting websites saying how they are selling Christian Louboutins or LV bags on 'sale' or at a 'discount', they are ALL fake. ONLY buy Christian Louboutin or LV merchandise from authorized sellers.




Make-Up Essentials

I get a lot of questions from my girlfriends about make-up. I am NOT a make-up artist whatsoever. I have no clue what the terms they use mean, or what is supposed to go where. I only know what looks good on me and if your make-up looks a hot mess. I can tell you how your make-up should look depending on your ensemble and the rest is up to you. That's as far as it goes. I probably couldn't even freaking sell AVON.

Oh yeah, this post is LONG. I've broken it up into sections, so you can just read the part you want and skip the ones you don't. I'm working on not being so long winded. LOL. Please NOTE that below are the brands I LIKE. I'm aware there are other brands, however these are the ones I LIKE. Thanks. 

Anywho, I'm a firm believer in just learning by watching others. Since I'm a right brained kinda gal, I'm strictly visual. I learn from trial and error, and by the hands on approach. I ask about 458 questions when I want to know something, and that usually does it for me. 

Make-Up Application

I learned to do my own make-up by frequent visits to the MAC counter, playing in my make-up (and no you're NEVER too old) and watching Youtube videos. Yes Youtube videos. Since you have to purchase MAC usually to get them to do a whole look, youtube is the best inexpensive way for you to learn how to apply make-up. 

What make-up do I use? Where can I find tutorials? I've done this legwork for you. I've tried ALL types of make-up, trust me. I was seriously obsessed with MAC until I realized that MAC isn't the end all be all when it comes to make-up. A MUA (makep-up artist) friend my mine Monique, (hey boo!) let me know that there are other GREAT brands of affordable make-up... and if you're make-up SNOB and ALL you wear is MAC, read on:

Eye Shadow:

Urban Decay - Freaking O-Mazing make-up. I tried it for the first time a few weeks ago, and I'm HOOKED! They aren't cheap, however if you try their little palettes, you get a lot for your money. Also PLEASE see the "Eye Shadow Primer" section below for my thoughts on their primer. 

Make-Up Forever - Freaking PIGMENTED eyeshadows galore.  I haven't officially purchased anything from this line yet, but from what I sampled in Sephora, this will be apart of my make-up collection soon. The colors are vibrant and amazing; the color selection is also amazing.

NYX - Now before you go and start acting like a make-up snob, for a lower end line, they have some GREAT colors. At only about $4 a pop, this is a great way to be introduced to eye-shadow if you're just beginning to wear eye shadow or if you just want to use a color you won't use all the time. I love these eye shadows. If used with a good primer, they look amazing. 

Cover Girl - Don't hate because it's from your local drug store. I actually love their eye shadows. If used with the right primer, the colors will look amazing for any budget.

Coastal Scents - Now where else are you going to try every rainbow of color known to man for less than $25 bucks? I haven't purchased these, but a few friends of mine have, and let me say that these are the perfect shadows to start with if you're new to make-up. 

Loreal - Did you know that Lacome which is sold in the department stores is also the maker of Loreal? I sure did.  I love their eye shadows as well as their mascara. Ladies on a budget know what I mean.

    Eye Shadow Primers

    This is debatable. However NOT on my blog. I am so not the one to have a full on make-up war on which is the best eyeshadow primer because it's just not that serious. Haiti is a more important topic of discussion. Here are a few choices. You MUST always use a primer if you want your shadow to "Pop",  stay on your lid, crease free ALL day. Here are some suggestions: 

    MAC Paints - I've tried ALL their primers or whatever they have that can be used as a primer. I personally like their paints best. My shadow doesn't 'move' and it stays on ALL day. 

    Urban Decay Primer Potion - I'm biased against this because it's my favorite. 

    Concealer - Yes plain ole' concealer works. This was a beauty must have when I was on a serious budget, and just couldn't afford MAC or anything else over $5. Maybelline makes a great concealer that can be used as a shadow base/primer.  


      MAC - I have a few of their blushes & bronzers I use regularly. I mainly use them for contouring my face and they offer a wide variety of colors. 

      NYX - They have this Barbie pink blush I ADORE. It's only $5, and has great pigment. 

      Loreal True Match Super-Blendable Blush  - I LOVE their blushes! They run about $8-11 and are very pigmented. They are just as good if not better than MAC. 

      Wet 'N Wild - LOL. Yes even they have decent bronzer


        Just because something is expensive, doesn't mean it's the best. I've found plenty of mascara in the drug store that work just fine. Here are my suggestions:

        Mabelline Great Lash - Hands down the pink and green tube of mascara is all you need. It's less than $4, and it's a great everyday mascara. 

        Mabelline  Volum' Express Turbo Boost® Waterproof - I LOVE my lashes to look full and have volume, with NO clumps. This does it for me. 

        MAC Pro Lash & MAC Pro Long Lash - I like these. I just like them. They are a little overpriced, however they do give you the volume and length you need. I just don't like that they can leave you with clumps. 

        Loreal Voluminous - This is also a great one to use for everyday wear

        Loreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Technology Mascara - LOL that name is ridiculous, but these are like lash extensions in a tube. It's a double-sided mascara tube. One has the stuff that adds this crap to your lashes to make them longer. The other half has the mascara that actually goes over it, to make your lashes 'Pop'. I've tired it and it works great, however it just feels weird when you wash it off. :/ 


          Use what the heck ever works for you. LOL. These are what I use or have tried and just some added suggestions:

          Everyday Wear Foundation [Light Coverage]

          • Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Foundation
          • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural 

          Night on the Town [Full Coverage]

          • MAC Studio Tech Foundation (For Combination-Dry Skin)
          • Precriptives Virtual Skin Super-Natural Finish SPF 10
          • Clinique Super Balanced Make-Up (For Combination-Dry Skin) 

          Lip Gloss

          This is a HARD one. I've tried ALL types of lipgloss. Here are my favs and just suggestions:

          MAC Lipglass & Dazzleglass - These are expensive but I love them. There is a huge color selection and I love how they make my lips feel

          Lancome Juicy Tubes Ultra Shiny Lipgloss - These are a great alternative to MAC.

          Loreal Colour Juice Sheer Juicy Lipgloss - This is the counterpart to Lancome. I LOVE these when I can find my favorite color. 

          mark. Juice Gems. - I think they tried to knock off Lancome, but they did a GREAT job. I love these BETTER than Lancome. They are only $6.50 and now you can purchase them online. I hated trying to track down the Avon lady. Thank GOD my friend Mylah sells it. Visit her store here to try!!

            Make-Up Tutorials:

            Here are some great MUA on youtube that can give you great tutorials on everything from contouring to eye shadow application. You can find them by searing on youtube by whatever your make-up needs are. Here are a few of my favorite MUA's and Tutorials. You can subscribe to their video and get updates on when they post next:


            This is also debatable. Just not here. Some folks say MAC others say it doesn't matter. What matters is, you need good brushes to apply all of your make-up. I've tried all brushes, cheap and expensive and here are my picks:

            MAC - I've had some of my brushes for 10 years. These were a great investment. I buy them little by little and pretty much have all the essential brushes

            Sonia Kashuk - I like her brushes. I have a couple and I use them frequently. I would say these are a cheaper alternative to MAC

            Sephora - They have great brushes also. Not as expensive as MAC but moderately priced.

            Essence of Beauty - Yes these are the brushes they sell at CVS. I bought them when I just couldn't afford to spend money at MAC. These brushes are surprisingly good. I was actually impressed. Yes I still use them. 

              Well those are my Make-Up Essentials! Let me know if you've tried any or if you have any that you would like for me to feature here.




              Sunday, January 24, 2010

              She's screaming at me....

              I should probably post something. I have a TON of stuff I need to just blog about. My innergirliegirl is screaming at me right now, but I just told her to calm it down and sit tight. Ya'll sit tight too. A post is a soon a coming. I know I said that before.. I lied, but please forgive.  Until then please check out the links on my blog. You find information about celebs, fashion, shopping and beauty. There are a few personal blogs with fabulous ladies and their thoughts on all things fab and foolish. Until then, enjoy!



              Wednesday, January 13, 2010

              Haiti Needs Our Help!

              As many of you know, the tiny country of Haiti's capital city of  Port-au-Prince has been devasted due to a large 7.0 earthquake. The earthquake rocked the country yesterday around 5PM, January 12, 2010. Hundreds of thousands are feared to be dead and millions have been displaced by this natural disaster!! They need our help and our PRAYERS! Here are some ways you can help Haiti in this dire time of need:

              1. Donate $5 to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund (Wyclef Jean’s Foundation) by texting “Yele” to 501501 (the amount will be charged to your cell phone bill) or visit and click “Donate.”

              2. UNICEF. Go online to or call (800) 4UNICEF.

              3. – Direct Relief International. Donate online at

              4.  Mercy Corp. Go online to or mail checks to Haiti Earthquake Fund, Dept. NR, PO Box 2669, Portland, Ore. 97208 or call (888) 256-1900

              NEED INFORMATION?

              Americans seeking info on family in Haiti can call toll free 1-888-407-4747.

              thanks to for the information.


              Tuesday, January 12, 2010

              Just A Brief Interruption

              Ok so the point of this blog was to just to focus on the things I love, which are a wide variety of things; although fashion is at the top of the list. I just love talking about all things fashion and beauty related. I'm still somewhat of a computer nerd though. I know go figure. I'm seriously trying to school people that nerdness and fashion go hand in hand. Anyways ya'll that actually read this blog, posts will be posted at least once or twice a week. So please don't come around here looking for stuff on a regular basis. I lied to myself and told myself, "self, you should post like everyday so people will be able to read something new and come back". That dream was quickly deferred by this thing called "school." This being my last semester and all, school has taken over my life again so I must dedicate the majority of my time to it. So be on the look out for random posts throughout the week when I have time. My mind runs like crazy, so I'll probably never run out of things to talk about. So yeah folks, until the next post... continue to holla at your inner girlie girl. She's tryna tell you something LOL

              Love Kimmie!

              Wednesday, January 6, 2010

              Just Do It Yourself Girl

              I'm a hands on kinda girl. I like to stand proud and be like "yeah, I did THAT!" "Who did your hair Kimmie?" "ME!!!" LOL. "Who did your make-up Kimmie?" "MEEEEE!!!" It feels good to know that some things can be achieved yourself with just a little time and effort. Take for instance the little bit of heaven I like to call the Pedicure. I LOVE pedicures. Pedicures are a must of any girlie girl. This should be a regular part of your beauty regimen. Your inner girlie will tell you to visit your local nail shop when your toes start looking run over and your heels have the cracks of Death Valley. Sometimes pedis give you just a little away time from the kiddies, the hubby or just life in general. I usually like to get a pedi at least every 2-3 weeks. I can't go longer than a month. I have dry feet. They can easily get crusty. That Ped-Egg thing alone just doesn't cut it. I know that I can moisturize them, but there is nothing like getting a fresh pedi!

              Now I know right now times are kinda rough for some of you ladies (and gentlemen, I see you reading this blog LOL). Many of you aren't able to go out and just drop $20-$30 a month on a pedi. This is the main reason for this post. My BFF Shana told me how she was watching The Tyra Show (I can only take Tyra in small doses) and she was telling the ladies the things they can do to pamper themselves during this recession. She began to tell me all the wonderful products she uses to give herself a pedi and just visit the nail salon every once in a while.

              Doing this does two things. Keeps your feet looking right, and save you some mula. Your hubby (if you have one) will be happy that you don't have crusty toes and snag the comforter LOL and you saved some money. The initial investment to purchase the products to do your pedi are just a small investment compared to how much you will save in the long run:

              This is what you'll need:

              • A Foot Bath 
              • Foot Soak or Aromatherapy Oils
              • Cuticle Nipper
              • Toenail Clipper
              • Cuticle Remover 
              • Orangewood Sticks
              • Cuticle Oil
              • Nail Polish Remover
              • Pumice Stone
              • Nail File
              • Cotton Balls/Cotton Pads
              • Gloves if you have Acrylic Nails
              • Nail Polish, Base Coat & Top Coat [I use OPI & Essie]
              • Foot Scrub
              • A Thick Moisturizer or Lotion
              Click here on how to give yourself a Pedi!

              You can pretty much find most of these items at your Local Target, Wal-Mart, CVS or Wal-Greens. There you have it ladies. A Pedi ANYTIME you want. It will take some practice to get it down right, but once you get the hang of it, you'll want to do it every week!

              Can I recommend the BEST foot scrub and moisturizer ever though?

              BEST Foot Scrub - Olay Body Thermal Pedicure. For about $9, your feet will be singing Hallelujah! Shana told me about this stuff and now I am HOOKED. Not only does it make your feet baby soft, but it WARMS up when you rub it on. It feels like a massage in a bottle.Yes!!!

              BEST Moisturizer EVAR - Aquaphor Healing Ointment. Move over Vaseline. This stuff is THICK. I thought this was for baby diaper rashes, but I guess it serves the purpose to get all things ashy and dry under mad control. I slather this stuff on my feet when they are moist and throw a pair of spa socks on and it feels like my feet are being transformed into brand new feet! Yes indeed!

              You MUST get these two products ladies to go with your pedi kit. Keep your pedi materials in a cute little clear box so you can grab it whenever you need it. I JUST gave myself my first pedi the other day and it looks like I'll be giving myself another one this weekend.





              Tapping Into Your Girlier Side

              I created this website because I am the epitome of a girlie girl. I have a  touch bunch of sass and a little edge though so don't get it twisted. I'm not afraid to break a nail. My nail lady is just a phone call away. Anyway, for whatever the reason I seem to be the go-to person for all things fashion and girlie related among all my girlfriends. Most of them are girlie, but there are a few that are transitioning into the girlie girl movement. This cool article I found, has 18 steps on becoming a girlie girl. At first I thought it was kinda stupid, but then it makes perfect sense. There is nothing wrong with learning how to tap into your girlie side:

              1. Substitute clumsiness and jerky movements with graceful and fluid actions. You'll feel like a fake if you just clump along while walking. True "girly girls" sort of look like they're floating.

              2. Buy clothing that always fits and gives you a waist. The stores Rue 21, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Pacsun, Wet Seal, American Eagle, Body Central,Hollister,Abercrombie, and Aeropostale are suggested, but you don't have to shop at these stores.

              3. Remember: makeup usually makes you look polished. Lip gloss and mascara is perfect for everyday wear. You can also wear cheek tints and eye shadow, if you want. Foundation makes your skin look flawless, but too much can look fake. If you can't use makeup, don't worry, your face is all ready pretty. Use perfume like ones that smell like say tangerine, strawberry, coconut, etc. If you can't use perfume, at least use nice smelling deodorant.

              4. Groom yourself every day. A good grooming routine everyday, is taking a shower, and shaving. Apply body lotion. The last step is perfume. Pick a custom scent for yourself to be your trademark.
              Read More.....

              Tuesday, January 5, 2010

              I'm Stumped...

              This blog needs to be designed in some way. Yeah so coming soon will be an entire website dedicated to talking about shopping and all things girly. I'm sorry but boredom will do that to you. Plus I need to get my design skills back up to par anyway. The next few months I will be strictly focusing on building this whole girlie girl brand. So soon I'm launching Look out for that this spring.



              Monday, January 4, 2010

              New Years Deals!

              There is nothing like breaking your New Year's Resolution right after the new year has started. I know mine is to actually cut back on a lot of things, and one of them isn't shopping LOL. Thanks to my eternal BFF Shana, she has taught me how to do my own pedis and take the money I would have spent and buy SHOES instead. I think her idea is insanely GENIUS! That's why we're BFF's. Anyway here are a couple sales going on that will help you winter favorites for a fraction of the cost. This is going to be quick cuz I gotta get up early and get to work after having 10 whole days off! WACK!

              Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale! - They are currently having their wonderful Semi-Annual Sale. You can NEVER have enough of their comfy panties. I love drawls. Especially full backed comfortable ones. I think men invented stupid thongs. They chafe and dig. ugh. I'm sorry, but I'm just NOT a thong girl.

              Forever21 New Year Clearance Sale - For my fashionistas on a budget, here is your chance to get some cute things at an even deeper discount. I usually call Forever21 the land of throw away clothes. I never expect anything great to come after I've washed a Forever21 garment. These clothes are made for 1 or maybe even 2 nights out. I am guilty of indulging though. I mean c'mon it's like so affordable. LOL.

              Bath & Body Work's Hello Yellow Sale! - I love them when I want to. This is the time I usually do though because stuff is just cheap period. They mess with my smells though and I don't appreciate it. They've taken away White Cherry Blossom and Sheer Freesia already. I have boycotted them for the past few years until the new spell Twilight Woods came out. Yeah that stuff smells real good so me and Bath & Body are friends again. If they take this one away, It's a wrap. Holla at them though right now because they have some really good deals on their smell good :).