Saturday, February 6, 2010

Knock It Off Girl!

The worst of ALL fashion crimes is to be caught with or purchase a 'knock off'. Crimes of fashion are taken very seriously by fashionistas and bag hoarders alike. While some of us can spot a knock off a mile a way, others are left unsuspecting of the tragedy. What exactly is a knock off? Well according to it is "an unlicensed copy of something, esp. fashion clothing, intended to be sold at a lower price than the original." So basically it's a fake item, trying to pass like the real thing. This is a big fat "Unt Uhhhhh!!" So if this is you, or you...knock it off!

I'll admit, in my younger pre-fashionista days, I didn't know any better. I gladly purchased a 'knock-off' LV (Louis Vuitton) bag in downtown Los Angeles. I thought to myself, hey it looks like the real thing, what's the big deal? Well a few weeks after having the bag, the handles started to come apart. They were glued together. Also the bag started to peel at the bottom. I am bearing my soul here people. Please do not judge me. I can't believe I committed the most heinous of all fashion crimes. I surely learned my lesson though.

Not only are you walking around looking like boo-boo the fool to all who know you're carrying a fake bag, but you are most certainly contributing to the sweat shop like factories that make these bags and you're getting terrible quality. What makes an LV bag is it's quality and craftsmanship. Also in addition to having a crappy bag, it is also ILLEGAL. So just save your money, work overtime, build a lemonade stand if you want a designer bag. Don't support people who are committing the illegal crime of copyright infringement.

I was finally able to purchase a real LV Bag. My first LV bag was a Lv Damier Canvas Speedy 35 (pictured above). I immediately felt the difference. Never again will I commit that crime of fashion.

Now we all know designer items are really expensive. Let's just face it, everyone can't and won't be able to afford anything designer. Some people dream of it while it doesn't really matter to others. If it matters to you however, I have an alternative for you. 
Designer "Inspired".

Designer Inspired means the creator of whatever bag or merchandise took elements of said designer and applied its "likeness" to the merchandise. So for example, Chanel has a quilted bag that they are known for. I seriously want one, but I just can't see myself spending over $1,000 on a bag. I just can't do it right now. I have other priorities. One day maybe, just not today. Because I need a bag more within my budget, I've just found bags with the same things I like in the Chanel Bag. You too can do the same. Just avoid the blatant knock offs.

Here is an example. Below is the coveted Chanel bag. Every serious fashionista wishes to have a Chanel bag grace her shoulder:

 Here are some Designer 'Inspired' Pieces. I actually purchased the one below from Aldo. 


So you get the idea right? You see the difference right? Knock Off bags would have the Chanel Logo on the front, while these take the quilting and the chain handles. The line is thin between the knock-off and the original, however these aren't trying to pass off like the real thing. That's where the illegal part comes in. Stores like Aldo, Bakers Shoes, Forever21, and just about any other fashion line, "borrow" or get "inspired" by the top designers like Chanel, Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana. They set the trends, however no regular person can afford those items. These are a great alternative for those of us that LOVE fashion, but just don't have Diddy's bank account. 

Also just an added tip. You know those web banners or ads you see when visiting websites saying how they are selling Christian Louboutins or LV bags on 'sale' or at a 'discount', they are ALL fake. ONLY buy Christian Louboutin or LV merchandise from authorized sellers.




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