Saturday, April 14, 2012

2012 Trend Report: Accessories

There is absolutely nothing like having all the right accessories to complete your look. Think of your outfit as a blank canvas and the accessories, the paint and brush. No outfit is ever complete without the right accessories. Accessories can take your daytime office look, into an evening look with "him" or a night with the girls. Check out this fab article on all of the hottest trends in accessories this 2012 season. Now don't be alarmed, most of these are from high end designers. You can definitely find all of these looks at a fraction of the cost at stores like Target, Nordstrom, H&M, ASOS, Forever21 or Shop Bop. Get inspired with not just the actual items, but with the colors and prints as well. My favorite trends are the geometric & tribal patterns as well as the mint, kelly green and coral hues. Incorporate those colors and prints into your current wardrobe!

Daily Candy Spring 2012 Trends: Accessories Report

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Blinded by Spring

Ok so if you're like me, you have just about every shopping app on your smartphone. I have a pretty white iPhone 4, so I've got just about every app imaginable from my favorite stores. Nordstrom, Target, Hautelook, feel me. As I am "browsing" my apps lol, I noticed the popular color blocking trend from last year has made a huge appearance for the spring. Bright Colors, Saturated Pastels and Screaming Neons are gracing accessories, skirts, pants, dresses, shoes, and tops alike. At first it reminded of the bad styles of the 80's. I'm an 80's child, so I grew up wearing awful geometric color blocked tops and neon biker shorts. I didn't know it would make a repeat fashion staple in my adult years. Like all fashion everything that was old becomes new, yet reinvented.

I try my hardest not to be super trendy, but this trend has finally grown on me...the color blocking trend that is. I love color, but usually I rock muted tones like greys, beiges and browns, and add just a pop of color. I never thought I would be the one to wear an entire outfit consisting of straight colors. The fashion gods have won because I am just absolutely in love with mixing all types of colors.

I'm a graphic designer, so this new trend is definitely putting all of my color theory classes to the test. I mean there are endless amounts of color combos to choose from. Right now my favorite color combos are Purple & Coral, Mint, Beige & Coral, Green & Sea Foam Green, Turquoise & Purple, Peach & Purple...and the list goes on. Purple, Green & Turquoise are my most favorite colors anyway, so I notice I really gravitate towards those.

Below are a few looks that I absolutely love! The looks consist of this season's trend of color blocking, mint hues and coral hues. If you're afraid of color, check out some accessories to draw inspiration from. has a bunch of accessories to add a pop of color to your look. Pray for me that I don't go overboard with my shopping apps and actually buy something, LOL.Images from,



Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The It Bag!

I have no clue how long this bag has been the new "It" bag, but I want "It".
My birthday just so happens to be this Sunday [it's Pisces season], so that will justify me spending the $348 this bag asks for.
I just came back from the Bahamas, and while I was there, I saw "It". I said to myself, "Who. Makes. That. Bag?" "I want. It. NOW." I carefully stalked the lady carrying the bag, to see who makes it. At first I thought "It" was a Birkin bag, but when I realized it was a Michael Kors bag, my insides did backflips because I knew I would be able to attain it.
This morning, I went straight to the Michael Kors website, and there "It" was. The bag. The one. "It". Yes!
It comes in all kinds of fun flavors, I can't decide between Vanilla or luggage. Why this bag? Well for starters, it emulates the classic Birkin silhouette. It's classic, leather and will def stand the test of time. I think this is why it's so fab! I want it! I need it! It's my birthday present to myself! Lol! I need to pay all my bills first tho, then asses the finances. I think it's doable. I've been through so much in the last few months, I deserve it! Once I get it, I'll post pics of me rocking it. I have no clue which color I want now. The luggage one or the vanilla one. Decisions, Decisions.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Has it really been like TWO years since I blogged here?!! So much has happened in these last two years, I don't even know where to begin. The biggest thing that has happened is I started an online jewelry & accessories boutique with my mom [shop tll you drop here:] I turned my obsession with accessories and fashion into a thriving business. I'm no where on the Forbes list, but my business has definitely started to grow. It's been a year and I've slowly started to make a name for myself.

Other than that, everything is still the same. I love fashion and shopping, but my wallet doesn't. I have scaled back A LOT though. While I love to shop, I love to save even more. Call me frugal, call me cheap, call me a penny have to save for a rainy day. I will still share my favorite fashion finds as well as shamelessly plug my online store. Trust me, you'd do it too if you had a business.

Anyway, I feel lightheaded because I over bleached my bathroom and I'm running behind on my newsletter for my business. I just got back from a cruise to the Bahamas, so I'm thinking about sharing some tips on what to pack and what to wear for a cruise on my next post.

So yeah, I'm back y'all!