Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Deals!

There is nothing like breaking your New Year's Resolution right after the new year has started. I know mine is to actually cut back on a lot of things, and one of them isn't shopping LOL. Thanks to my eternal BFF Shana, she has taught me how to do my own pedis and take the money I would have spent and buy SHOES instead. I think her idea is insanely GENIUS! That's why we're BFF's. Anyway here are a couple sales going on that will help you winter favorites for a fraction of the cost. This is going to be quick cuz I gotta get up early and get to work after having 10 whole days off! WACK!

Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale! - They are currently having their wonderful Semi-Annual Sale. You can NEVER have enough of their comfy panties. I love drawls. Especially full backed comfortable ones. I think men invented stupid thongs. They chafe and dig. ugh. I'm sorry, but I'm just NOT a thong girl.

Forever21 New Year Clearance Sale - For my fashionistas on a budget, here is your chance to get some cute things at an even deeper discount. I usually call Forever21 the land of throw away clothes. I never expect anything great to come after I've washed a Forever21 garment. These clothes are made for 1 or maybe even 2 nights out. I am guilty of indulging though. I mean c'mon it's like so affordable. LOL.

Bath & Body Work's Hello Yellow Sale! - I love them when I want to. This is the time I usually do though because stuff is just cheap period. They mess with my smells though and I don't appreciate it. They've taken away White Cherry Blossom and Sheer Freesia already. I have boycotted them for the past few years until the new spell Twilight Woods came out. Yeah that stuff smells real good so me and Bath & Body are friends again. If they take this one away, It's a wrap. Holla at them though right now because they have some really good deals on their smell good :).



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