Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This Is Probably WTMI


This post probably will fall into the category of things that just probably shouldn't be openly discussed. I beg to differ. I feel this issue really needs to be addressed. Especially for all my "girlie girls".

I think we are all adults here and can seriously have a heart to heart discussion about doing #2 publicly. I hate using the ladies room in public. My inner girlie girl tells me not to. I just feel that human releasing should be done in the four walls of your home bathroom. Since we aren't designed to hold it for long periods of time, times arise when you just hafta GO.

I especially become uncomfortable when I have to go, and it involves going #2. I generally will hold it. This is probably what has brought on my IBS issues and is most likely unhealthy, however I am comfortable with holding it. Notice I said generally. There are those times however, when all the strength in the world will not allow me to hold it. Then I must do what nature has instructed, which brings me to the entire point of this post.

Have you ever went to the bathroom at your place employment or in some public establishment and it involved the #2? Did your #2 ALONE entirely disrupt the atmosphere in the ladies room? As you walk the walk of shame to wash your hands (and I hope you ALL do this), did someone come into the bathroom and IMMEDIATELY walk right out with their nose pinched? Did others come inside the bathroom and quickly rethink about checking their hair or make-up?

This is the type of thing that prohibits girlie girls like myself, from doing the #2 in public places. If you're a shameless #2 goer, this post is not for you. If you feel this is natural and it's ridiculous for me to be so embarrassed to do something that "God created" for us to do, then this post is not for you. This post is for all my ladies that are embarrassed of this natural bodily function. I don't want to be known at work as "The Poopie Queen" or the "Lady that poops all the time". People at work know you and see you and go back to their cubies and laugh at you during break. Everyone will know you need an enema or a good colonic. If this is you, then I have a solution for you.


Toilet Drops.... Toilet Drops?

There are all kinds of them. I've actually tried them, and it makes this a lot easier to deal with. I am not sure which ones work better than others, but I found a few that you can try. Process of elimination (no pun intended).

What you do is, grab your little discreet bottle of "Stink Repellant" and head the ladies room. Find your special stall. I generally like the handicap stall because it allows room. Room for what I have no idea, but it just feels better when there is more room. Drop the drops into the toilet BEFORE you take the dump. It should give off a rosy scent.. Everyone will think your ish smells like roses naturally as any girlie girl should.

Here are your three choices:

Just A Drop 

Fresh Drop  

My Bathroom Ninja


  1. Genius!! I'm about to buy some for those "special" days. HA! Thanks Kimmie.