Monday, December 14, 2009

Online Essentials

You saw the chick at the store with the same shirt you got from Forever21 huh? I remember once heading out to the semi-annual Charles David warehouse shoe sale this past summer, and low and behold, this chick had on the SAME argyle print button down polo from Old Navy as MOI! Such a travesty! I thought that stuff only happens to 'Lil Kim or Fergie. WOMP! LOL. That just goes to show you...great minds think alike LOL.

Seriously though, here are a few sites that will for sure have you turning heads... and not because the chick across the room has the same outfit on as you:

  • - great trendy and affordable pieces to enhance your already fabulous wardrobe.
  • - this clothes are for the unique fashionista. Their dresses are FAB and unique. They offer great prices and speedy shipping
  • - Casual Fabness. I love this site for all my weekend or casual friday wear.

There are a lot more sites I frequent, however these sites offer unique pieces to add to your wardrobe. Enjoy!



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