Monday, December 14, 2009

Did you KNOW.....

Did you know there are a ton of great deals online? Well apparently there are some of you that actually don't... which by the way is really sad. LOL. I get asked a lot, "what store's are having great sales Kimmie?!!?" Let me give you a few tips on how to find the best deals online. I'll give you three freebies to get you started, then you'll have to find the rest on your own ;). Oh yeah this post is lengthly. I like rambling.

1. Ok, this is seriously easy. You need an email address. If you don't have one, shame on you!!! It's your golden ticket to unlock absolute fabulousness. The trick is, get an email address dedicated to getting emails specifically for email alerts about sales. This way if spam comes your way, it won't be such a big deal.

2. What is your favorite store that you frequent? Find out if they have a email list where you can get info on great deals. You can either sign up online going to their website or by going into the store. Please beware by going into the actual store... I don't need to elaborate as to why. You know why. LOL.

3. Soon, the online offers will start rolling in. You'd be surprised at the offers only people who have signed up for email offers will receive. For some reason people are scared of spam LOL. Spam me up Scottie! I'll delete and filter through all the Penis Enlargement and Viagra emails just to get some emails about sales. LOL.

Why is this essential you ask? Well duh, let's take one of my favorite stores Bebe for instance. They ALWAYS have sales, and especially if you're a member of their Bebe club. I have no clue what the official title of this "club" is, but they make you feel all extra official. I promise one time, for Bebe Super Special Club members, they were giving an additional 65% off of their clearance merchandise in the store, if you printed out the email and brought it in the store. What is MORE thrilling that getting discounts that other chicks don't know about? Sex? Probably, but getting discounts is almost just as good.

Are you a MAC Cosmetics girl? Did you know if you sign up for email specials, you can get free shipping or other cool offers? I'm lazy. I don't like making trips to the MAC Store. Oh, and please be advised that the MAC Stores, and MAC Counters at Macy's and Nordie's DO NOT carry all the same things. This is why this is vital. LOL. I can't believe how serious I am right now. Anyway, save a trip to the MAC Store and order online when they offer FREE Shipping.

Discounts do not always mean "cheap" or "ghetto." Shoot, if you wanna play like you're Jenny J LO ballin, be my guest, but I love sales and discounts. Please be advised that GUCCI, yes GUCCI also has sales. Please do NOT be confused with the GUCCI Outlet. The actual Online Store or your local GUCCI retailer has sales. You just need to sign up for their mailing list to find out.
I got a fabulous looking post card that is suitable for wall art that told me Dec 1st 2009 started their Fall/Winter SALE! It's still going on for God knows how long, but if you're in the market for your first GUCCI item or you wanna add to your ever growing collection, please hop up on that pronto

All my shoe whores who love shoe porn raise your hands! *raises hand*. I will die for shoes. I am so passionate about them it's ridiculous. Sometimes, I just stand back in awe of my shoe collection. God is probably not pleased. It's almost like shoe worship. Anyway, ALDO Shoes and Bakers Shoes, ALWAYS have fabulous sales. I would say Bakers by FAR has the best sales EVAR! If you frequent them, I would suggest getting a "B" Card. This card you have to pay for ($25), but you get 10% off everytime you make a purchase, 20% off on your birthday AND they also have sporadic sales where you can get an additional 10%-20% off your purchases. Think about it.

One website. everything you need. They have designer shoes, clothes, handbags, couch covers, you name it. They have EVERYTHING but Oreo Cookies. 

So what do you think ladies? What are some of your tips on finding the hottest deals online?? Share!!!

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