Sunday, December 20, 2009

If You Don't LOVE It...Leave It!

"OMG, It's only 4.99!?!!" are the words you screamed as you saw the fluorescent pink and green striped DKNY blouse on the clearance rack. How many times have you purchased something JUST because it was on sale? *raises hand* I am notorious for this. I feel like I am committing all types of fashion crimes by leaving it there for someone else to enjoy. I want to be the one to tell all my friends "Guess what? I got this for only $3!!" Neener!

I remember once this shoe store in the mall was having an unbelievable sale. They had a rack of shoes for 3 for $9.99. You read that right. No typos. Three complete, perfectly good pairs of shoes for only $9.99. That is unheard of! Most of the shoes were just OK. They weren't anything spectacular, but they were $3. So what did I do? Ask for every pair of size 7 shoes I can find for $3. LOL. Just straight ridiculous. I went home that day with 6 pairs of shoes. That day. I told all my friends about it. Of course that good of a deal must be shared with all closest girlfriends. They must partake in the discounts also.

We went back and lo and behold they had additional shoes that weren't there the day before. Pretty soon I had an additional 6 pairs of shoes on top of the 6 I had already purchased. My closet was now overflowing with 12 new pairs of shoes. For what though? Because they were cute? Because I had ensembles waiting for shoes to unite them with? NO! Because they were $3.

I didn't love anything about these for the next few years, they sat in my closet, untouched and unworn. This use to happen a lot until I started to chant "If you don't love it...leave it! If you don't love it...leave it!" Say it with me ladies, "If you don't love it, leave it!"

You'll soon realize that just because something is on sale, doesn't mean it needs to be wrapped up all pretty and put into that shopping bag. Just because those Gucci shoes are $150 instead of $1000, don't make the purchase. Love it first. Love it so much you can't live without it. Like air or water.

Now don't get me wrong, I love a good deal. If something is on sale/clearance and I absolutely LOVE it, I get it. I went Christmas shopping today and almost fell for it again. I almost purchased this pink leopard print headband from Bebe because it was 50% off. I didn't love it though so I put it back. What good is something if you're never going to actually enjoy that good deal? So ladies, the next time you go and reach for the purple and peach polka dot Gucci sweater that is 85% OFF, say to yourself, "If I don't love it, leave it!"




  1. i love this post! YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!

  2. Kimmie,
    Isn't it just love em and leave em? Just kidding if they aren't fly why in the Sam Hill even play with idea? I agree with you.